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The biggest maritime use of the city is the fishing one, that it can all be observed during the year. During the summer it is common practises it of jet sky. Already in the fluvial use of the city, it is common fishes it, with small boat I row it, and in the period of summer, the canoagem.

Black River

It has its mouth of a river in the south extremity of the beach of the center, being its extension of accurately 12.950 meters, with average width of 25 meters and approached average depth of 03 (three) meters. Floodgate boats of small transport and the occupation is of about 80 % of residences and, in the remain fens and kills.

River Una do Prelado

Located in the Ecological Station Juréia Itatins, the cities of Peruíbe and Iguape, with extension of accurately 4.400 meters, average width of 50 meters and average depth of 3 meters. The deep one is of mud, and the éno vegetation is the manguezal and restinga. It is used for strolls, it fishes fan, professional and artisan, being, whom had to its physical characteristics, proper for small boats e motor boats.

River Jacareú

Located in the verge of Peruíbe with Itanhaém, its extension is of approximately 2,5 km, being its average width of 03 meters and depth of 03 meters. The vegetation of it is of restinga e, currently, does not have no type of use of its waters.
River White

Located in the northeast region, with extension of approximately 04 km and average width of 20 meters, having an average depth of 2,0 meters. The main access is for the Venice Garden, saw Road of the Villain, does not have boats and is busy in approximately, one km for residences.
River Guaraú

Located in the quarter of the Guaraú, with extension of accurately 16.250 m., average width of 65 meters and average depth of 05 meters. The vegetation is of manguezal and restinga, being the deep one of mud. Frequently it is used for fishes amateur and strolls.
River Piaçaguera

Located in the neighborhoods of the Taniguá station, with extension of 3.100 meters accurately.

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Pousada Porto Aventura
Street 22 , nº 135 - Behind the tower of the cellular Guaraú
Guaraú - Peruíbe - São Paulo - Brazil
Telephone: (55)(0**13) 3457-9571
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